I am currently recording with:

Hybrid kit (Mapex and Roland V drums)

Super-rare Ajax ‘Command Performance’ kit - 20 X 18 Bass, 12 X 8 Hi, and 16 X 18 deep Floor tom.

Tama Canadian Birdseye maple 14 X 6 snare

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 12 X 6 snare

Premier Royal Ace piccolo 14 X 4 snare

Premier aluminium 14 X 5 snare

Rose Morris vintage 14 X 5 chrome over steel snare

Premier Bongos 6 X 6, 8 X 6

LP Samba Blocks

Zildjian K, Istanbul and Paiste 2002 cymbals

Evans and Aquarian heads

Telefunken M82 and M80 microphones

Audix D2 tom microphones

Shure SM58 Beta

STC 4035D ‘bombproof’ vintage mics (the ones still being used to broadcast the chimes of Big Ben)

Behringer ECM8000 overheads

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Interface

Apple Macbook Pro running Logic Pro X and Adobe Premiere with Audition

I also get to gigs on this