Time-lapse Mic set-up
Live Festival Recording

The Ocdomid's 'One Day'. The audio was recorded at the festival which you see in the opening shot. The rest of the clips were filmed in a studio space in London. Slow on your mobile? TRY THIS

Moderat - Rusty Nails

One of my drum covers. Recorded using Roland PD80R dual trigger pad and acoustic drums/percussion. Mixed and edited by me also. Slow on your mobile? TRY THIS


Drums on a bike. UK-based. Available for events, weddings, birthday parties, and anything requiring playful, rhythmical entertainment. Electro-Swing, Jazzy House, Funky Beats and vibes of an all-round excellent nature. I am also a DJ, if the bike isn't the thing to suit your gig. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe

Paolo Nutini Scream Funk My Life Up Drum Cover

The ‘ain’t it funky’ reference alludes to James Brown’s The Funky Drummer – the funkiest beat known to man or beats, played by Clyde Stubblefield.

Time-lapse Mic set-up
Time-lapse Mic set-up

Time lapse of placing microphones for a recording / video 

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Mix N Stix part 1

As a DJ I know about the importance of good drum fills in dance music progressions and transitions between tracks in mixes. Hopefully these recordings and videos will be of use to DJs and producers interested in my work.